Congratulations on purchasing a Hawke Dump Trailer. We pride ourselves on manufacturing dependable, quality dump trailers. We also work hard at providing our customers with fast, reliable customer service to answer questions or help with any problems that may arise. Please make sure that anyone operating the dump trailer carefully reads this manual before doing so. There is important operating and safety information here. Your satisfaction is important to us. Please contact us if you need assistance!

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Troubleshooting Guide for Hydraulic System

If the bed fails to raise:

  • Low battery current
  • Low hydraulic fluid level
  • Overloaded
  • Worn pump
  • Loose or faulty wiring
  • Faulty solenoid switch

If the bed fails to lower:

  • Low battery current
  • Loose or faulty wiring
  • Faulty valve switch

If the bed operates in a jerking motion:

  • Air present in system
  • Improper orifice valve

Hawke Trailers Hydraulic System











Trailer Wiring System

Wire Plug
Green  Brown Right turn signal
Yellow   Red Left turn signal
Brown  Green Running lights
Black  White Ground
Red  Blue Electric brakes
Blue   Black Battery charging

Safety Features

Safety chains are located on the front of the trailer. Safety chains must always be hooked to the rear of the towing vehicle before the trailer is moved.
A prop rod is located under the trailer bed towards the lifting end on the right side. ALWAYS put the prop rod in place before doing anything under a raised bed.
Breakaway switch is located on the left side of the trailer tongue next to the safety chain. This switch must ALWAYS be connected directly to the towing vehicle before moving the trailer.

Pump Fluid

Use standard Micron 3 Automatic Transmission Fluid. With the bed fully raised fill the tank to half-way level. It is advised that you check the fluid level every 3 months.
Important Operating Instructions
Anyone towing or operating the dump trailer must check each of the following before every towing/operating procedure:

All Lights are Working Properly

Manufacturer requires before towing that all lights be checked to make sure they are in proper working order.

Check that all wiring is properly connected and out of harm’s way.

Use only proper matching trailer connector between the trailer and tow vehicle.

If there are any questions concerning the lights and/or wiring, please contact the manufacturer before towing the vehicle at 1-800-532-7244.

Brakes and Breakaway Switch are Properly Working

Manufacturer requires before towing that operator check all electric connections regarding brakes and breakaway switch.

Brakes are operated by a 12 volt current from the tow vehicle by use of an electronic controller in line with the brakes on the tow vehicle.

For breakaway switch to work properly, the battery on the trailer must be maintained and have a good charge.

Any questions concerning the brakes or breakaway switch, please contact us prior to towing.

Jack is Fully Raised

Manufacturer requires that the jack be fully raised before towing the trailer.
Check to be sure that the jack handle is secure and our of harm’s way.
Safety Chains are Secured

Manufacturer requires before towing that safety chains are properly attached to the tow vehicle using the slip hooks provided at the end of each safety chain.
Attachment points may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Any questions concerning the the safety chains or how to properly connect them please call the manufacturer at 1-800-532-7244, before towing the trailer.

Tailgate and Ramps are Properly Secured

Manufacturer requires that the tailgate be properly locked into position and that the tailgate spreader chain be in key way on side of rear upright.
Ramps (which come with low-profile models) must be fully seated underneath the rear of the trailer and properly attached.

Before moving the trailer with the tow vehicle be sure that the cotter hairpins are secured in the pin holes of each ramp.

Coupler is Properly Secured to the Tow Vehicle
Manufacturer requires that the coupler be properly attached to the tow vehicle using the proper ball size found on the coupler of the trailer.

Hawke Trailers uses only 2 5/16th ball couplers as standard equipment on all our trailers.
To attach trailer, lower the coupler directly onto the tow vehicle’s ball and check to insure that it is securely seated on the 2 5/16th ball. Latch coupler and make sure it is securely locked in place on the 2 5/16th ball. Use the jack to raise trailer and check that the trailer is properly secured.

If your trailer has an adjustable coupler be sure to check the tightness of the bolts holding the coupler in place. Tighten if necessary.

If you had a different coupler added to your trailer other than the standard 2 5/16th ball coupler and you have questions regarding how to properly connect the trailer to the tow vehicle, or any other questions regarding coupling in general, please call the manufacturer of the coupler or Hawke Trailers at 1-800-532-7244.