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Hawke Trailers Online Owner's Manual

Congratulations on purchasing a Hawke Dump Trailer. At Tow-Rite, we pride ourselves on manufacturing dependable, quality dump trailers. We also work hard at providing all our customers with fast, reliable customer service to answer all your questions or help with any problems that may arise. Please make sure that anyone operating the dump trailer carefully read this manual before doing so. There is important operating and safety information enclosed. Your satisfaction is important to us and we hope that you will contact us if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Thank you,
Tow-Rite Manufacturing Company, Inc. - 1-800-532-7244

Troubleshooting Guide for Hydraulic System
If the bed fails to raise:

If the bed fails to lower:

If the bed operates in a jerking motion:
Trailer Wiring System
Wire Plug  
Green - - - Brown Right turn signal
Yellow - - - Red Left turn signal
Brown - - - Green Running lights
Black - - - White Ground
Red - - - Blue Electric brakes
Blue - - - Black Battery charging


click image for larger view.

You can download and label a wiring diagram for your trailer here.

Safety Features
Pump Fluid
Use standard Micron 3 Automatic Transmission Fluid. With the bed fully raised fill the tank to half-way level. It is advised that you check the fluid level every 3 months.

Important Operating Instructions
Anyone towing or operating the dump trailer must check each of the following before every towing/operating procedure:

All Lights are Working Properly

Brakes and Breakaway Switch are Properly Working Jack is Fully Raised Safety Chains are Secured
Tailgate and Ramps are Properly Secured
Coupler is Properly Secured to the Tow Vehicle

Government mandated tire safety information: PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE CAREFULLY!

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